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  • Ø           The company is a joint venture in Taiwan, company's main projects are: the original production and supply of the main relay (Precision shrapnel, terminals, insulation sheet punching; core cold forging, etc., related to precision mold design, manufacturing, stamping cold forging products the subsequent processing of magnetic annealing, electroplating and other full-stop service, is one of many relay manufacturers the ideal partner! 
          30 years in Taiwan, the relay has the original professional production experience, the spirit of the principles of customer service in 2010, chairman of Mr. Xie Xindeng's lead down to mainland China, investment in the establishment of Xiamen Yi Chuan Precision Metal Co., Ltd., to continue to good customer services in the mainland. 
           It combines a number of set production, mold design and manufacturing, quality control of talents and people with lofty ideals, the chairman of unremitting efforts to uphold the spirit of excellence in the entrepreneurial leadership of the staff, the introduction of a large number of Taiwan and Japan advanced productionequipment and testing instruments (2 sets of high-speed precision punch, core molding machine 2, the projector 1 set, electronic micrometer and other equipment) to ensure high-precision products; both in Taiwan and mainland China are the U.S. company Tyco important third-party, in China for 100 Fortune 500 world-class business services that is our honor and an affirmation of our quality and requirements, so that the enthusiasm of our long-term to a hundred times, and constantly strive for excellence to provide customers with more professional quality and service! 
          "Quality First", "customer first" business philosophy will enable our customers and common development! Create a better future! 

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